Becoming Preferred – Just Add A Zero

Episode Overview:

If you are looking for some game-changing ideas on how to scale your business, enhance your entrepreneurial mindset, and unlock new levels of growth and success, you’re going to enjoy my conversation with author, speaker, and coach, Chad Jenkins.

Chad is someone who not only talks the talk, but walks the walk in the realms of technology, innovation, and transformative entrepreneurship. In this episode, Chad will share his blueprint for revolutionizing your approach to entrepreneurship and how to make monumental leaps in your business journey. Join me now for my conversation with Chad Jenkins.

Guest Bio:

Chad T. Jenkins is a seasoned entrepreneur renowned for his ability to identify unconventional opportunities within traditional business models. His passion lies in restructuring businesses for exceptional returns, a skill honed through years of experience. Leading numerous successful ventures, Chad has pioneered three innovative methods: Remove the FILM, Just Add A Zero, and 100X Collaborations. Fueled by boundless curiosity, he acts as a catalyst for business expansion.

Recognized as a transformative force, Chad collaborates with leaders across diverse industries, leveraging his analysis of Opportunities, Dangers, and Strengths to unearth hidden potential. His approach creates competitive advantages and drives exponential growth in enterprise value. With a remarkable track record spanning over 40 high-growth companies and numerous successful Growth Partnerships, Chad now focuses on empowering others. Through initiatives like Growth Collaboration Partnerships and the SeedSpark Growth Academy, he facilitates leadership placements and shares his expertise to foster growth.

Chad encapsulates his winning strategies in his latest book, “Just Add A Zero: Remove the film, outperform your competition, and grow exponentially through collaboration,” offering insights for achieving remarkable returns and fostering collaborative growth.