Accelerate Growth with Collaboration and Unconventional Ideas

In today’s episode, I welcome Chad Jenkins. Chad is a lifelong entrepreneur who possesses a knack for uncovering unconventional opportunities within traditional businesses. His passion lies in understanding how businesses operate and reshaping them for remarkable returns.
Chad has been the driving force behind numerous organizations’ success, leading him to develop three groundbreaking methods: Remove the FILM, Just Add A Zero, and 100X Collaborations. Coupled with his boundless curiosity, he serves as a catalyst for business growth.
Recognized as a game-changer, Chad collaborates directly with leaders from businesses of all sizes and industries. By analyzing Opportunities, Dangers, and Strengths, he swiftly uncovers hidden opportunities, creating competitive advantages and boosting margins, resulting in exponential enterprise value growth.
With a track record of over 40 high-growth companies and hundreds of successful Growth Partnerships across North America, Chad now focuses on empowering others. He places leaders in operating companies and operates through Growth Collaboration Partnerships and the SeedSpark Growth Academy.
Chad shares his winning formula for creating a much higher return in his new book Just Add A Zero: Remove the film, outperform your competition, and grow exponentially through collaboration.
In this episode we discuss
•How unconventional thinking leads to business growth
•Three proven methods to create exponential success
•Growth collaborations and why they are important
•Turning friction into business opportunities
•Developing the collaborator mindset
And much more.
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