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About Chad Jenkins:

Chad Jenkins is a visionary entrepreneur renowned for transforming businesses and driving remarkable returns. With over 40 high-growth companies under his belt and a track record of successful Growth Partnerships, he’s reshaped industries through his groundbreaking methods. Through his company, SeedSpark, he empowers others through Growth Collaboration Partnerships and the SeedSpark Growth Academy, embodying his principles of the Growth FlyWheel approach, including the acclaimed Just Add A Zero methodology outlined in his latest book. Chad’s relentless pursuit of growth, combined with his strategic collaborations, continues to redefine success in the entrepreneurial landscape.

In this episode, Ryan and Chad Jenkins discuss:

The power of “Just Add A Zero”Leveraging friction as opportunityTransforming standard operating procedures into playbooksHow naming intellectual property boosts business valuation

Key Takeaways:

Chad’s journey from childhood curiosity to serial value creator unveils the power of thinking unconventionally and adding a zero upfront to magnify outcomes exponentially.Harnessing the power of “unless” in problem-solving meetings can unlock hidden solutions and pave the way for transformative outcomes, as seen in the example of streamlining sales teams with remarkable success.Identifying and addressing friction points within industries not only creates value but also opens up opportunities for innovation and differentiation, ultimately leading to substantial business growth.Giving names to the unique processes and intellectual property within your business not only streamlines operations but also lays the groundwork for scalable products, services, and increased business valuation.

“When I added that zero, it forced me. I had no other option—to think unconventionally.” — Chad Jenkins

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